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We have cultivated many long-term professional relationships with certified forensics and e-discovery experts that are qualified to assist us when engagements have requirements in other states, and even other countries. These strategic alliances allow us to provide our clients reliable resources with their boots already on the ground, without causing our clients the hassles, delays, and expenses of planning travel for our experts and forensic equipment.

Agile Risk Management - Mathew Decker and Matt Shannon's invaluable tool F-Response is an easy to use, vendor neutral, patented software utility that enables an investigator to conduct live forensics, Data Recovery, and eDiscovery over an IP network. Agile Risk Management is our Tampa trusted alliance.

Craig Ball offers his services as a court appointed special master in computer forensics. Craig is also a national recognized forensic technology speaker, and has an insightful blog Ball in your court on computer forensics and e-discovery. Craig Ball is our Austin Texas trusted alliance.

Elluma Discovery - Eric Robi and his team provides electronic evidence discovery services that go beyond traditional e discovery firms. Their analytics can recover critical hidden data missed by most. Elluma Discovery is our Los Angeles California trusted alliance.

Integrid, Inc. - Bill Long and his team provides consultative, advisory and technical services to parties involved in complex litigation, technology, and performance issues. Bill provides digital forensic and electronic discovery services to the litigation community. Integrid serves the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and is our Mid-South trusted alliance.

Vestige, LTD - Damon Hacker, Greg Kelley and their team enable their clients to make educated and informed decisions about their approach and application regarding electronic evidence. With offices in Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, Vestige is our Ohio and Pennsylvania trusted alliance.

Red Forensic - Jerry Hatchett and his team provides a multi-faceted approach provides greater efficiency, better interactivity between different kinds of digital evidence, and the ability to meet virtually any digital evidence need, from the earliest stages of consultation all the way through trial, if need be. Red Forensic is our Southern Texas trusted alliance.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc - Bill Dean and his team provides consulting that is a full service, one-stop litigation support provider, offering a full spectrum of electronic discovery and forensic services. Sword & Shield is our Tennessee trusted alliance.

U.S. Data Forensics LLC - Phillip Rodokanakis and his team U.S. Data Forensics is in a unique position to help clients address issues requiring advanced and specialized investigative or technical expertise. U.S. Data Forensics is our Washington D.C. and Virginia trusted alliance.

My Hard Drive Died - If a hard drive dies, Scott Moulton is your guy. The team at My Hard Drive Died are a highly experienced and passionate about data recovery. They have helped government agencies, corporations and offer a 96% chance of getting your data back. My Hard Drive Died is our data recovery trusted alliance.

Gary Kessler Associates - Gary Kessler provides a wide range of consulting and training services related to computer forensics and cybersecurity. Gary's primary area of digital forensics practice is in the area of mobile devices; he has been a mobile device forensic examiner since 2006 and have served as an expert in numerous investigations. GKA is our Vermont trusted alliance.

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